Embark on the Alta Via 1 and discover Rifugio Vazzoler, an enchanting stop nestled in the heart of the Dolomites. Like a page from an alpine fairy tale, our refuge is tucked away in the forest, providing not only a safe shelter but also a magical experience amid ancient trees and untouched nature. Every step along the trail is a journey through a mountain fairy tale, and Rifugio Vazzoler is the welcoming chapter that embraces you with the warmth of the Dolomites. A place where the path merges with the fable, making your experience on the Alta Via 1 even more extraordinary.

Suggested Stages

From Rifugio Staulanza:
 13.43 km (8.35 miles)
Time: 8 hours
  Positive Elevation Gain: 923m (3,028 feet)
 Negative Elevation Gain: 885m (2,904 feet)
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From Rifugio Coldai:
8.85 km (5.49 miles)
Time: 4 hours
Positive Elevation Gain: 302m (991 feet)
Negative Elevation Gain: 730m (2,395 feet)
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At Rifugio Carestiato:
9.11 km (5.66 miles)
Time: 4 hours
Positive Elevation Gain: 604m (1,982 feet)
Negative Elevation Gain: 495m (1,624 feet)
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At Rifugio San Sebasiano (Passo – Duran):
11.58 km (7.20 miles)
Time: 5 hours
Positive Elevation Gain: 654m (2,146 feet)
Negative Elevation Gain: 600m (1,968 feet)
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It is possible to book a taxi from Rifugio Capanna Trieste, which is approximately a 1-hour walk from Rifugio Vazzoler. This way, you can conclude the Alta Via 1 and reach Braies in about 2 hours. 

Alternatively, you can descend on foot to Listolade, where you can take the bus with the following stops (approximately 6 hours):